Celebrating Wayne McDonald's 50 Years of Ministry

Celebrating Wayne McDonald's 50 Years of Ministry


to Wayne McDonald for 50 Years of Ministry!
Wayne McDonald received his certificate of license and ordination from Salem Seminole Baptist Church in Donalsonville, Georgia on November 19, 1969. While in Atlanta, Georgia, he achieved a Master of Arts in Bible Degree from Immanuel College Baptist on May 17, 1972. Wayne went on to receive a Doctor of Theology Degree (Th.D) from Alabama Bible College in Dothan, Alabama on April 20, 1981. He also earned a Doctor of Literature Degree (D.Ltt) from Lexington Baptist Theological Seminary in Lexington, Kentucky on January 20, 1982. Then To celebrate his 50 years in Christian Ministry a reception was held at the Reno Community Center in Reno, Georgia on November 17, 2019.

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Wayne has touched the lives of many during his ministry and has spread the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ throughout his life. If you have been blessed by his preaching, or would like to leave him a personal message please use the form below.

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