October 29, 2017

"Did Jesus Just Happen" I am taking some thought from my book and realizing that it is Bible Theology, therefore, these remarks are for the student of the Bible.

We are discussing the "Pre-Existence of Christ. In the Gospel of John, Christ is described as the Word or Logos and the meaning of "Logos" is peculiarly felicitous because in Him are embodied all the treasures of the divine wisdom, the collective "thought" of God, and He is from eternity, but especially in His Incarnation, the utterance or expression of the person , and the thought of Deity.

Based on John's picture of the pre-existent state of Christ, there are three aspects of this pre-existent state which we should consider.

First is the fact of His Pre-existence!

John stated curtly and concisely without any preliminary argument. This is typical of John's style. He arrived at his conclusions intuitively rather than by a process of argumentative reasoning. This is the case in the first five verses of the Gospel of John. We are brought face to face with the astounding fact that ,"in the beginning was the Word. Christ" There is no arguing the point. In effect, John is saying, "This is the way it is, take it or leave it."

My last thought for this is that John does not say that Christ was originated in the beginning, rather, he tells us that at the beginning of creation Christ was already there. It is obvious that Christ has always been. Jesus stated also to his disciples on one occasion, Before Abraham was, I Am" Remember, Jesus Christ is the very God and the Very man!

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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