April 01, 2018

We continue our thoughts on the Growth of Jesus from my book, "Did Jesus Just Happen?"

The Gospel of Luke reveals the fact that not only did Jesus grow continuously but He also grew symmetrically. He had a balanced growth. developing in every area of life in proportion. It is not difficult to maintain a proper balance in our growth. Jesus grew in all the realms of life proportionately. I would like to relate four aspect of Jesus; growth as recorded in the Gospel of Luke 2:52.

March 25, 2018

As we continue our studies from "Did Jesus Just Happen", I want to discuss a few points on the Growth of Jesus as a Child.

The Bible is reticent with reference to the childhood years of Jesus. There is a period of about thirty years concerning which have only one brief incident and a summary statement. Many attempts have been made to fill in these years with stories which are the products of man's imagination and fancy. A recent work of a well known author "He grew in Wisdom by John Pratt Whitman) attempts to fill in these years with many interesting stories of Jesus's boyhood days.

March 18, 2018

Continuing with the reasons for believing in the Virgin Birth of Jesus from "Did Jesus Happen".

I believe in the Virgin, in the third place, because it is the only explanation of His sinless life. In no other way can the sinless life of Jesus be explained. The sinful nature is inherited through the man, In the case of Jesus the seed was planted by God and therefore it never became polluted by the sinful blood stream of humanity.

March 11, 2018

Why I believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus continues excerpts from my book "Did Jesus Just Happen?"

The second reason I believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus is because it is accounted for in the Gospel records. It is not necessary to have reference to it on every page ,or in every book. Two clear references should be sufficient to convince any honest Bible student of the validity of the event related.